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by Top Herbs GiNa


More effective than ever.
In cooperation with BOKU and the Vienna University of Technology, we are researching a special disinfectant based on natural origin and gentle on the environment: with our patented method there are no chemical waste products!


Disinfection reinvented:
GiNa's Ag+ Shield is a new antimicrobial made from ionic silver and green stabilizer with several advantages over other options as it is colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-corrosive and non-toxic. This means that it can easily be added to other products. In contrast to other silver-based disinfectants, GiNa's Ag+ Shield is very stable with a shelf life of several years!

Thats how it works:
Microbes (such as bacteria and viruses) target GiNa's Ag+ Shield as a food source that allows silver ions to enter the microbe, deactivate it and prevent its replication.
Organizations like the USDA, the EU Scientific Committee on Consumer Products and the Environmental Protection Agency say this is safe.

GiNa's Ag+ Shield is highly toxic for bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is non-toxic to humans and animals. Based on the EPA toxicity categorization of antimicrobial products, which ranges from Category I (high toxicity) to Category IV, when using dilutions, GiNa's Ag+ Shield is placed in the lowest toxicity category IV, while conventional disinfectants fall into Categories I and II. The entire GiNa's Ag+ Shield process (synthesis, reduction, stabilization) is carried out with green nanotechnology and biosynthesis!



Specially developed formulas
Nanocapsulated tea extracts are being developed in cooperation with BOKU and the Vienna University of Technology in our project, which are set to have an antioxidant effect and which could serve as mouthwash. The project is classified as highly innovative and will soon revolutionize the beverage world!


The first tea that specifically protects the body from the inside!
We are all complex organisms whose composition and structure harmonize down to the smallest cell. As a result of the metabolic process, so-called free radicals develop in cells, which, among other things, are held responsible for the aging process and various diseases. They can damage important molecules such as DNA or RNA, can cause oxidative stress in large numbers, or harm a large number of proteins and lipids. Antioxidants deactivate free radicals and can therefor protect the body from developing a number of diseases..

- Protects against oxidative stress
- Vegan and organically grown
- In environmentally friendly packaging
- Developed with Universities of Vienna



The first tea that supports oral microbiota in a natural way!
Millions of microorganisms make up the oral microbiota which protect us from diseases. But if the balance of microorganisms is disturbed, bad bacteria multiply uninhibited. This increases the susceptibility to inflammation in the mouth and throat and increases the risk of tooth decay. Many people use chemical mouthwash, but this is far from ideal: Mouthwash decimates bad and good bacteria alike. ProbioTea is a tea-containing drink that is rich in probiotic cultures and naturally restores the balance of the oral microbiota . Scientifically proven!

- Supports the natural oral microbiota
- Vegan and organically grown
- In environmentally friendly packaging
- Developed with Universities of Vienna