In cooperation with
three universities in Vienna




GiNa Ag+ Shield:
Disinfection reinvented

A new antimicrobial made from ionic silver and green stabilizer! Non-corrosive and non-toxic for humans and animals, gentle on the skin and suitable for allergy sufferers.

Probiotic & Antioxidant varieties of teas

These special teas protect the body from the inside out! Obtained from powerful polyphenols from green tea - a milestone for health.


Usually essential oils are sensitive to exposure to air, light, moisture or high temperatures for a long time. It leads to rapid evaporation and alteration of the active compounds. Nanoparticles increase the stability of the plant substances, which improves the shelf life of essential oils.

In addition, nanoparticles release the active ingredients in a more controlled manner. This reduces toxic side effects, increases water solubility and maximizes bioavailability. Studies have shown that the antimicrobial properties of the essential oils produced with green nanotechnology are stronger than those of conventional products. These are used, for example, in food preservation and saunas.


That's Top Herbs GiNa.

The will to improve the future and create sustainable change with natural products led to the foundation of Top Herbs GiNa in early 2019. We pursue our goals largely with the help of science. Through green nanotechnology (nano-encapsulation) we are able to make the active ingredients of plant-based products more efficient for the human body. In addition, we enrich the market with organically certified flavor products such as tea, coffee & essential oils, which are not yet available in retail.

Top Herbs GiNa is the only company in Austria that deals with the marketing of scientific findings from nanotechnology in the food sector.

Production and filling takes place in GiNa's production facility in Lower Austria. Our agile team includes 3 universities from Vienna, who work with us to create great things - innovative products that are an important part of the market today and for our needs to live healthily and sustainably.