100% organic

Herbs from organic,
controlled cultivation

From Austria

Produced in Stetten,
Lower Austria


Capitalized machines
for outstanding quality

No additives

Free of sugar, artificial
colouring and lactose

GiNa's company history

The will to improve the future and create sustainable change with natural products led to the foundation of Top Herbs GiNa in early 2019. We pursue our goals largely with the help of science. Through green nanotechnology (nano-encapsulation) we are able to make the active ingredients of plant-based products more efficient for the human body.
n addition, we enrich the market with organically certified flavor products such as tea, coffee & essential oils, which are not yet available in retail. Production and filling takes place in GiNa's production facility in Lower Austria. Our agile team includes 3 universities from Vienna, who work with us to create great things - innovative products that are an important part of the market today and for our needs to live healthily and sustainably.

Current projects

In cooperation with Universities of Vienna

Probiotic & Antioxidant Tea Varieties

These special herbal mixtures, developed together with Universities, protect your body from the inside out!

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Future projects

In cooperation with Universities of Vienna

Medicine delivery with antioxidants

Antioxidant, herbal medicine should target certain organs. So that in the near future medicine can help exactly where it is needed.

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